"Close allows visitors to have a safe, tailored and enriched stadium experience"

Let us show you how Close® reimagines the stadium experience in the midst of a global pandemic.

Reimagine Football Challenge

November 30, 2020

Close® is one of the six winners of the Reimagine Football Challenge: a joined effort by UEFA, KNVB, City Football Group, AFC Ajax and the Johan Cruijff Arena to tackle the challenges the global pandemic brings to the football industry. Close® creates a safe and enjoyable stadium experience for your visitors. Before, during and after your event, event during a global pandemic. In this video we quickly show you how:


Event Experience

Football matches are all about having a collective experience, together with your favourite team, your fellow supporters and/or family. Why not start this experience already before the match? Provide stadium visitors with a smile, enthusiasm and information far before the match. By starting a Close® group chat a fan and his/her friends will receive their tickets, vital information (COVID-19 measures) and entertaining content.

Better use of data

Receive more valuable data points to increase visitor satisfaction.

Feel safe & enjoy

Taking into account restrictions and measures for COVID-19.

Let's get Close®

Close: the mobile marketing platform has been recognized as one of the smartest European innovations by Reimagine Football. We are very proud on this recognition for our ambition to bring events close to their visitors or audience.
Moments like these strengthen us even more in doing so. Do you want to join us on our mission? Let's have a coffee!

"Don't let your most valuable customers just walk out the door. It's time to connect and build win-win relations."

Kiliaan Toorenaar
CEO & Founder

"If you understand your customers, you understand why you should get Close®. We'd love to help you create relevant digital experiences."

Chris Gruijters
Chief Product & Founder
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