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As the first plans for pilot events arised in 2021, we set out to show the industry what we stand for: hyper-personalised mobile messaging journeys at scale, with the flexibility that event organizers need and deserve. In the months that followed we established ourselves as the go to communication partner for all Fieldlab Events and beyond. So far more than 70.000 visitors, spread over 24 events, received their digital ticket and essential information in the Close app throughout the Fieldlab Events. Doing so we build up quite the expertise with Corona proof events and we are proud to see in Fieldlab Events official advise that a digital communication app is one of the core pillars to host Corona proof events.

The Close App

June 3, 2021

Close can help you organize Corona proof events that meet the standards and requirements established by the Dutch government and Fieldlab Evenementen organisation. With our expertise, platform and partner-network we get you up to speed in no time. This is how:

1. Digital Tickets

Thanks to our ticketing integrations with our friends at See Tickets, Eventim and many more we are able to provide you with digital and personalised tickets, which opens a whole new range of opportunities for event organizers:

  • Timeslot based tickets: Keep control of your crowd and prevent unnecessary contact moments at your entrance by using phased entrance times. 

  • Timed ticket send-out: Send out tickets right before the event to remove the risk of re-sell, or based on other factors.

  • Segmented communication: Now that you are in direct contact with your visitors in the Close app, you can serve them with tailored information. Based on ticket data and interactive surveys, which we’ll tell you all about next!

2. Personal and scalable communication

Relying on a long email to inform visitors about all the actions they have to take for a safe visit is asking for problems.

In our chat-based app you easily inform your visitors through automated and/or real-time, personalised content. This allows you to guide your visitors throughout the whole customer journey: before, during and after the event. 

Listen to Maarten Schram - Programmateam Fieldlab Evenementen, about the value of the Close app for the Fieldlab Events.

By splitting up all the information into smaller chunks and sending those when it's most relevant, you inform your visitors clearly, without overwhelming them. That's how we helped more than 70.000 people to plan their Corona tests and activated them to install both the CoronaCheck and CoronaMelder app. Next to that they also received up-to-date safety measures and instructions and all the regular practical information that is needed for a successful visit.

With the Close app:

  • You congratulate your visitors for securing a ticket with a fun video from your event's headliner, as soon as they have onboarded.

  • You unburden your visitors, as you remind them to plan their obligatory Corana Tests.

  • You make venue entry quicker, as you’ve already activated your visitors to use the CoronaCheck app, which they will show at the entrance at the right moment thanks to our handy reminders.

  • Visitors can find everything in one spot: Their tickets, practical information, safety measures, parking tickets and much more. 

  • Visitors receive a digital health check 4 hours before the event starts. (86% open rate.) The digital health check is advised by Fieldlab Evenementen. 

  • Crowd control is easy: Is bad weather coming? Or is it too busy at a certain spot in your venue? With Close you can send live messages to your whole crowd, or segments, within seconds.

3. Insights through market research

At Close we understand the value of market research for your organisation. Through our platform you can build fully automated, GDPR compliant, chat-based surveys. Just like we did for the Fieldlab Events, where our clients gathered more than 774.000 data points in total, thats ± 11 data points per unique visitor!

By sending out interactive surveys only at relevant moments we keep the process quick and fun while preventing survey-sickness ✌️ Using the survey output you can segment your communication and service even further, greatly improving the visitor experience along the way as well as creating up-and-cross-sell opportunies.

Here are some survey examples for you: 

  • Practical: How are you planning to come to the event? By car, public transport, bike or by foot?

  • Corona Tests: Did you already plan your Corona test?

  • Corona Apps: Do you have the CoronaCheck app on your phone?

  • Fan Engagement: What is your favourite song that we definitely need to include on the setlist tomorrow?

  • Net Promoter Score: How did you experience the music? The venue? Safety? Corona Measures?

And of course, automated replies reward visitors with handy answers, that lead them to buying parking tickets, correct Corona test locations, the app stores of required apps and more convenient information.

Experience the power of mobile messaging with Close

At Close we know like no other how challenging it can be to organize events in these unpredictable times. We’re fortunate to work with professional, high demanding clients who strive to deliver the best events. That’s why we are proud to see the flexibility and scalability of our hyper-personal mobile messaging platform come to fruition. Communication is more relevant than ever and the kind of direct interaction you realise through the Close app is here to stay! We are happy to show you the way. Interested? Scroll down and shoot us a message!

"If you understand your customers, you understand why you should get Close®. We'd love to help you create relevant digital experiences."

Chris Gruijters
Chief Product & Founder

"Don't let your most valuable customers just walk out the door. It's time to connect and build win-win relations."

Kiliaan Toorenaar
CEO & Founder
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