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See how Close® supported the Corona safe re-opening of Naturalis.


September 29, 2020

What do you do when you have successfully opened the most beautiful museum? You implement the best technology to create customer journeys that match the museum experience. At Naturalis in Leiden, the Netherlands, the use of Close® facilitates handy, supportive and refreshing communication between visitors and the museum. Due to COVID-19 measures, Naturalis was closed down for a little while but has managed to open up responsibly as one of the first musea, supported by various interactions with Close®.
Here are some highlights we are proud to facilitate:

Tickets with time slots

Linked with the Ticket Provider of Naturalis, Close® facilitates the activation process of the ticket buyers to get the app. Ticket buyers are surprised with fancy digital tickets they can distribute among fellow visitors. The tickets clearly display the added time slots. Once onboarded, visitors receive notifications and reminders about these time slots, making them well aware and arrive on time.

A warm welcome

After re-opening the museum,  visitors could potentially have many questions about the measures taken and the impact on their museum experience. Therefore visitors received a warm welcome through a personal video message. In this video the visitors get a sneak peak of the measures taken, the new routes throughout the museum and additional museum experiences they can expect during these special times. Video proofs to be an communicative type of media that visitors like to engage with.


Health Check

In addition, Naturalis asks visitors to do a small health check to see if symptoms can be noted. If so, the app highly recommends the user to stay home. Visitors who have no symptoms are welcomed and informed with clear instructions about the rules at Naturalis.

Interactive personalised content

With interactive messaging, visitors engage with Naturalis by providing them with input to truly tailor their customer journey. Based on these multiple choice questions, Naturalis pre-programmed corresponding answers that give the visitor the exact information they need. Whether that’s knowing they visit the museum with children, how they will travel or understanding the reason they visit.. this interactivity results in personal customer experiences that make customers get the most of their visit.

All in one place

In the run-up to your visit, the Naturalis channel becomes the go to place to find information in a fast and easy way. Naturalis uses the Info Tab of the Close® app to position all important elements in one place and keep them up to date. From the agenda, to an overview of all galleries, all one click away.
This way of information sharing is extremely effective and gives insights in what people find interesting.

Ask your visitors

At the end of each visit, Naturalis polls the visitor experience with interactive sliders and text surveys. Visitors are asked whether they would recommend a visit to friends, resulting in a daily NPS score, as well as detailed insights about topics that require monitoring. In this way, Naturalis gets truly close with their visitors, understanding their needs to further improve their services.

Let's get Close®

Close is nothing without bright clients like Naturalis. The event characteristics of online ticket sales with continuous visitor streams day in day out allow for proper activation and optimisation. Our automated messaging tackles these streams effortlessly, without breaking a sweat.
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