How personalised mobile communication aids to re-open large scale venues in the midst of a pandemic

In february and march 2021 Fieldlab Events organises multiple events, aiming to find solutions to re-open the Dutch event-industry, despite Covid. How do you do that? In this case study we tell you how we guidied hundreds of visitors, step by step, through a highly complex customer journey.

Fieldlab Evenementen

March 18, 2021

Some Context
Throughout the Covid pandemic, Dutch entrepreneurs in the event-industry have innovated and experimented in order to stay afloat. For many this pandemic painfully highlighted the need for gaining momentum in their digital innovation strategies. United under the name of Fieldlab Evenementen, the Dutch event-industry set out to organise 8 pilot events with just one goal: to gather data and insights that will help to re-open the event-industry. One of the pain points for these events was the extensive need for highly personalised and detailed instructions for the visitors, something you can't realise with a paper entry ticket and a long email, and that's exactly what we at Close do best: realising digital, personal and mobile customer journeys at scale!

The Close App's info space: digital ticket, program information, google maps shortcuts and more...

The App
With Close® you can easily start a communication channel for your brand or event that will be instantly available for both iOS and Android via the Close® App. In our content management system, the Close® Builder, you can add your own designs, color schemes and branding. It's yours, so you determine the tone of voice, messaging frequency, timing and of course the content. Users only have to register their phone number, after that they will automatically be assigned to the right chat, receive their digital entry ticket and the content will start flowing.

You decide which content is sent when to your visitors, no vague algorithms, it's all up to you! Content like chat messages, images, videos, shop items, surveys, links and more. You can automate the content based on triggers e.g. send a message when "Somebody joins the chat", "2 hours before the event", "When the user bought product X" and many more.

Inform your visitors through automated and personalised content.

The implementation for the Fieldlab Events
For each pilot event we have a digital customer journey setup where the visitor is guided through the customer journey: before, during and after the event.

1. The visitor buys a ticket through one of the sales channels setup by the event.

2. After successfully purchasing a ticket, the visitor registers his/her telephone number and receives a "magic link", either through an sms or a banner in a succes-mail. If the person has never used the Close App before, clicking the link will bring the visitor to the right App store, otherwise the Close App will open and the correct chat opens automagically. With conversion rates of 92% you can communicate with confidence.

A visitor showing their digital ticket in the Close App during the 2nd pilot event.

3. The visitor now has their digital tickets available in the Close App, all a thumb's click away.

Your visitors have easy access to their digital tickets in the Close App.

4. From now on the event organiser informs and entertains the visitor through chat-like messages, photos, videos, links and surveys. If needed, the organiser can communicate "live" and send messages needed due to a change of circumstances in seconds.

5. The visitor is obliged to show a negative Covid-test before he/she can enter the event. Therefore the visitor is informed about the location, date and conditions of the testing locations in the form of chat messages, links and reminders.

The bubble information in the Close app

6. At each event the crowd is divided into multiple groups of people: "bubbles". Each bubble has their own set of tasks and conditions for the pilot event. Each individual visitor receives theirs in the Close App: personal mass communication, it's possible people!

Examples of the surveys in the Close App.

7. As the goal of the events is to gather data and insights, visitors receive multiple in-chat surveys throughout the customer journey. All the data is available to the event organiser according to GDPR standards. Privacy First! As the surveys are presented in the chat as small multiple-choice, single-choice or slider widgets. This way it feels as an integral part of the chat experience, hence resulting in great response rates: more than half of the visitors answered the full set of questions within the first 24 hours after receiving them.

We are up, running and ready to go!
We are proud to be a part of the Fieldlab Events and thereby work together with stakeholders like: ID&T, MOJO, Guido Weijers, Almere City FC, N.E.C. and many other involved in the pilot events. Keep an eye on our Linkedin Page for further updates.

"Don't let your most valuable customers just walk out the door. It's time to connect and build win-win relations."

Kiliaan Toorenaar
CEO & Founder

"If you understand your customers, you understand why you should get Close®. We'd love to help you create relevant digital experiences."

Chris Gruijters
Chief Product & Founder
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