“5 effective ways to use Close® to (re)open your business”

Close® likes to share five concrete examples of how our service is effective in these crazy times.


September 29, 2020

With COVID-19 measures striking the event industry as well as public places, it has become evident that communication with your visitors is crucial and more relevant than ever. Close® helps businesses (re)open their doors, by giving them the tools to inform their visitors, regain their trust and reach them when needed. The valuable technology built for the live event industry also works well for public places like parks, beaches and other open and popular places. Let’s get concrete, this is why you need Close.

Visitor registration and time slots

To manage visitor capacity, it’s highly recommended to ask your visitors to register up front, online. Close offers simple registration methods including timeslots (in collaboration with various partners).  For those who come to the venue or location without registration, we offer quick yet contactless onboarding through QR codes at the location. In this way, you manage your chosen visitor capacity in a safe and easy way.

Expectation management and clear instructions

Once registered, you can share important instructions with your audience through chat-based messages. With rich media such as photo’s or videos, you can educate your visitors up front, for example a day before their visit. Explain the rules, show them the interventions, what’s allowed, what’s forbidden and thereby manage their expectation about the visit. Informed visitors are happy visitors.
The biggest mistake we currently see being made, is businesses trying to educate and regulate their audience once they are already at the doorstep. With Close® you claim a bit more time up front.

Crowd control and spread

Online registrations allow for clear insights in attendance turn-out and give you the ability to spread your audience across various time slots or locations. For the visitor, Close is a helping hand and reminder. They are notified if their time slot (almost) starts and ends, making for independent well-informed visitors.

Emergencies and urgent chances

The percentage of Close® users who have Push Notification turned on are extremely high, making you reach your audience with every message you send. We have experienced open rates of 80% in the first 30 minutes of a notification.
If there is an urgent matter, you can send messages to all or segments of your audience with a push on the button. Also, our technology allows for updating all information placed in the app, to make sure everyone has the latest and most actual information. With rules and regulations changing day by day, this flexibility has proven to be a relive for many businesses.

Surveys and feedback

With our interactive message features, you can ask visitors questions up front or after their visit. You can for example ask health questions to check whether they might have COVID-19 symptoms and subsequently advise to cancel their plans. All messaging can be pre-programmed, so your answers can be automated to truly scale yet stay personal. Interactive messages are used by many of our clients to ask for feedback and get a day-to-day insight in the visitor’s perspective. With sliders, text fields and multiple-choice surveys, visitors feel included and are eager to engage. Ask them whether they thought it was busy, if they felt safe, if people were respecting the rules and so on.

Let’s get Close

This might sound like a lot of work, but it’s not. Close® is known for a quick setup, kickstarting your channel in a day. Since it’s a flexible chat-based platform, it’s easy to just start, learn and tweak along the way.
Are you triggered? Find our contact form below. We are looking forward to it!

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Kiliaan Toorenaar
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Chris Gruijters
Chief Product & Founder
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