"Engaging with an international audience? A piece of cake."

In this case we'll tell you how the A'DAM LOOKOUT uses Close® to facilitate a personal, multi-language customer journey.


October 30, 2020

First up, Als eerste, Das wichtigste zuerst  🇬🇧🇳🇱🇩🇪

The A’DAM LOOKOUT attracts visitors from all over the world, and studies show they are most engaged when being addressed in their native language. The channel is therefore setup in three languages, supporting both Dutch, English and German. The Close Builder (remember from the last newsletter?) allows the client to add and change messages in a simple interface. The Close app uses the phone number and phone settings to determine the most desired language, and this data is valuable to spot frequent visitors from countries with languages we don’t support yet. Although it’s of course hard work to communicate in multiple languages, the engagement rates tell us it’s worth the effort!

Tickets in the app, all shapes and sizes

Since the ticketing for the A’DAM LOOKOUT is being rocked by our partner Prioticket, ticket buyers are served with a smooth activation, of course also multi-lingual. The ticket shop offers ±9 different ticket variations, which all have their unique ticket artwork in the app, as well as segmented messaging for the need-to-knows of a customer’ purchase. You can imagine these variations sometimes result in doubts and questions of buyers for what they are actually entitled to. The Close app unburdens them with personalised and well-timed information.

Special offers

Thanks to this ticketing connection, the Close app can also remind visitors about certain offers such as the cool VR Game Park that is situated in the basement of the A’DAM Tower. The best example is the legendary ‘Over the Edge’ swing ticket, a must do for visitors of the LOOKOUT. With Close, we target visitors who forgot or initially decide to not buy the additional ticket, and give them the chance to buy it one day before they visit, to make sure it’s not sold out when they want to have a go. This extension of the sales funnel is just one example of the many benefits of having this direct-to-consumer channel that creates win-wins for both parties.


Another functionality worth mentioning is the communication of the (continuously changing) COVID measures, health check and registration. The app gives visitors a clear up to date overview of what they can expect and what the LOOKOUT expects from them, taking away all uncertainties. For visitors who purchase at the venue itself, Close built an easy and quick registration process. With just one QR scan, visitors get access to the app, get asked the health questions and thereby register. When no symptoms are experienced, the app loads all the information they need, to start their visit at LOOKOUT. Ticketing is just the startThis case almost feels obvious: a smooth ticket integration, multi-lingual chat communication, personalised offers and information, in times of COVID-19 with clear instructions. It’s good to notice this recipe for improved customer experiences, before, during and after, is paying off!

"If you understand your customers, you understand why you should get Close®. We'd love to help you create relevant digital experiences."

Chris Gruijters
Chief Product & Founder

"Don't let your most valuable customers just walk out the door. It's time to connect and build win-win relations."

Kiliaan Toorenaar
CEO & Founder
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