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Easily create personal customer journeys at scale

At Close® we think long mails, pdf tickets and mass social media are past due. Modern consumers love direct, relevant and personal communication. That is why the Close® app is all about exclusive mobile messaging, with a simple automation tool for you to be in full control of your channel. Let us tell you all about it.
1. Create Your Channel
2. Tickets & Activation
3. Crowd Control
4. Rich Messaging
5. Mobile Payments
6. Real Time Insights
Step 1: Create your own exclusive channel in minutes

With Close® you can easily start a communication channel for your brand or event that will be instantly available for both iOS and Android via the Close® App

In the Close® Builder you can add your own designs, color schemes and branding. It's yours, so you determine the tone of voice, messaging frequency, timing and of course content

Ticket & Activation

Step 2: Are you selling tickets? It’s the perfect hook to welcome ticket buyers to your channel!

  • Close® links with major ticketeers to activate ticket buyers right at the delightful moment of purchasing tickets for your event
  • All you need to ask is their Phone Number and Close will offer them the chance to enter your channel
  • After Phone Verification, Tickets are shown digitally in-app with artworks and information. They can be scanned with your existing scanners.
  • Ticket buyers can share tickets by inviting their friends and family to the channel. As an organizer, you are now in the position to communicate with all of them!
Ticket & Activation

Not selling tickets? Ask your audience to register or provide them with QR codes for easy access!

  • With Close® you can setup a simple online registration page for your channel, allowing you to explain the benefits and ask for their Phone Number. If needed more data points such as Name, Company, Email address etc can be asked. Remember: less is more.
  • Even more smooth are our unique links and QR codes, which are generated automatically for you to share with your audience. Whether it’s online in a banner or on site on a sticker, these things make your audience onboard in seconds.
Crowd Control

Step 3: Keep all your visitors informed through chat-based communication

  • Once your audience has joined, you are able to send messages to all or segments of your audiences. Being a mobile app, your messages result in push notifications to ask for attention
  • Add media such as video, photo galleries or web links to strengthen your communication
  • Display important messages in the 'Info Tab' to facilitate having all information in one place
  • All messages can be pre-programmed in our Automation tool
  • If there is an urgent matter, you can also send live messages directly


To make your communication personal yet scalable, all messages can be automated based on triggers. We help you set up and share our best practices.


Trigger messages at fixed moments, relative to an event date or in certain time spans. Manage intervals between messages that feel natural and make sure your audience is activated at the right moment.


Trigger messages at certain locations. Thanks to our geo fencing technology you can set a radius around your event location and know when a visitor entered or left. In combination with the Time trigger you can for example send a message when a visitor is 'too early' + 'at your venue'.


Trigger messages after certain actions of users such as when a visitor joins the chat, invites a friend, completes a group, is the 10.000' visitor or has interacted with your message. These triggers make you hit home and probably result in a smile or surprise.


Trigger messages based on data input such as ticket information, storage values or answers on surveys. This makes your messages even more personal and relevant.
Rich Messaging

Step 4: Use rich chat features to truly interact

  • Be creative with rich content to enhance the experience before, during and after the event. E.g. Backstage video’s, photo galleries, camera filters, programs, live streams and more
  • Peer-to-peer communication is private, but with interactive messages you can ask users questions. Close® offers button surveys, single- or multiple choice, text boxes or sliders so you get insights and new data points. With automated messaging, your audience is provided with direct responses that are tailored to their answer(s).


Push Notification Permission: 90%
Average Contact Moments: ±15
Average Open Rates of: 90%
Mobile Payments

Step 5: Kickstart your online revenue through mobile product offers

  • Whether it is Merchandise, Intermission offers or Tickets for a next event, mobile purchases proof to be the way to go
  • Close® gives you new moments to offer these products to your audience: pre, during and post event.  Let your audience effortlessly purchase items, for the entire group
  • Product offers can be displayed in the Chat or Info Tab with additional information, product variants and amounts
  • After purchases, automatically inform buyers through mobile messaging about purchase details and delivery
'k heb keiveel donnies verdiend door prepaid offers
'k heb keiveel donnies verdiend door prepaid offers
Real Time Insights

Step 6: Get to know your visitors, get Close®

  • Receive real time valuable insights in performance, open rates and responses.
  • With our A/B testing, you can optimise your automated messaging to maximise engagement and monetisation benefits
  • Data is 100% shared with you and can be exported to your CRM. As a European based company, we value privacy and are of course GDPR compliant. With our online background and expertise, we help you retrieve first party data instead of being dependent on others

"Don't let your most valuable customers just walk out the door. It's time to connect and build win-win relations."

Kiliaan Toorenaar
CEO & Founder

"If you understand your customers, you understand why you should get Close®. We'd love to help you create relevant digital experiences."

Chris Gruijters
Chief Product & Founder
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